arm angle

Ask yourself these two questions:

1. Have you ever considered what your posture is doing whilst running?

2. Have you had an injury, or aches/pains related to running/jogging?

In reality, the answer to the first question is, 'probably not', and even if we have thought about our posture, unless you run along with a mirror, it's practically impossible to see it for ourselves, right?!

The answer to the second question will vary among individuals, but most of us have probably had a running related injury at some point. Even if you haven't had an injury, your posture could be about to cause one.

Okay, so we have established that we could be running along like Phoebe out of Friends, and have no idea how amazing we look, and/or we are suffering from a running related ache or pain that is becoming a hinderance to training and everyday life.

Some common running injuries/aches/pains include the following:

- Shin splints
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Knee/hip pain
- Kyphosis of the spine (arching of the upper back)
- Shoulder/neck tension

And the list goes on...

So what can we do?!!!!

We can make use of years of study and modern videoing software to analyse your posture at rest, and whilst jogging, running, or walking.

What does video analysis involve?

The analysis is about hour in duration, but varies depending on how much we find to analyse and discuss with you at the time. 


We would first carry out a static posture assessment, where we are looking at left and right balance, and muscular over/underdevelopment. We also carry out a flexibility assessment as muscle tightness is a common cause of injury.

This is progressed to videoing you running/walking from the side, and behind, enabling us to measure joint angles, identifying any muscle imbalances, which could lead to injury.


If you are already suffering from an injury; although we cannot diagnose conditions, with the identification and correction of an imbalance, we would hope your injury would improve.

On completion of your analysis, your footage can be sent to you digitally. Print outs of your 'image stills' can also be provided following your session. This is to help you see your 'before' point.

We will advise you on the best path to take relative to correcting any identified muscular imbalances, via strength & conditioning and flexibility training. This could mean any one, or a combination of the following; Personal Training, attending our beginner focused Fitness Classes, or Small Group Training.

We may feel it is necessary to refer you onto another health or fitness professional, for new training shoes, advice relative to an injury, Physiotherapy or to see a Podiatrist, because, your health and running status matters to us. 

We advise you to come back at a later date for a FOLLOW UP, to check your posture where the same procedure is carried out. This will enable you to see your progression over time, after you have followed your chosen training implementaton.

Remember, this is all done outside, not on a treadmill. Treadmill running is good, but it can alter the way you naturally run. We need to see how you move when you run, not how you run on a treadmill!