A realistic approach to Weight Management. Our aim is to give you the knowledge and confidence to practice healthy living without the necessity of diet plans, the stigma of 'bad' foods, and whilst appreciating active lifestyles, including; activities for daily living.

Fitness Class/PT Members: ONLY £14.50 p/m

Non-Members: £19.50 p/m


*For training outside of TR13 0RA, an additional fee of 0.45p per mile is payable upon payment of Personal Training sessions.


Drop-in sessions



Several weekly “drop-in” sessions allowing you to conveniently pop in and take your measurements, weight or body fat percentage in private. 

If you need to discuss your diet, goals or health related fitness with us, you will need to book a private consultation in our Therapy Room. See below. 

Book a consultation



In addition to or in place of attending a drop-in session, if you would like to sit down and discuss your diet, goals or health related fitness, book a 45 minute consultation. It is recommended you book a consultation no more than every 2 weeks, but at least once per month. .

We will also take your measurements for you in our private Therapy Room.  

Anthropometric recording


Ongoing mobile support...


Using our mobile app, you will be able to record your progress. Whether you choose to weigh, measure, take pictures or record notes... the choice is yours. We will monitor your progress behind the scenes so you can be sure we are dedicated to your healthy living journey. 

digital education experience


No brand ambassadors, just healthy info!

Our aim is to deliver knowledge to help you live a healthy, active lifestyle, without prescriptive plans. Sustainable, healthy living with information and activities for daily living, at the palm of your hand, via our mobile app and active group.

FIt food for weight management


Enjoy 30 healthy, delicious recipes every month, delivered to you via our handy e-book. To help motivate you, each recipe is complete with an ingredients list, the method and high quality images.


We have taken the guess work out of your meals by providing the serving size, calorie count and macronutrient (protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber) profile per portion.

Breakfast, sides/small plates, dinner and dessert... we have it covered!

keeping in touch weekly check-ins


Extra help between meetings...

If you need extra support between our weekly groups meetings, app support and home visits, we will send you a weekly message to see how you are getting on.


We appreciate how hard it can be between meetings, when we are not there. Just remember, you are not alone. You have the Weight Management Community at the palm of your hand.

'”fitsTAr” reward


We think it's just as important to recognise those who are consistently meeting their goals, but also those who are trying really hard. 

This reward isn't necessarily for the biggest loser or the biggest gainer, but the biggest effort. Maybe you tried a fitness class for the first time or perhaps you nailed your meal prep! 

Just keep trying hard and we will recognise your efforts :-)